G4 Power Products was established in May 2006  to provide total solutions to customers who require consolidated  bid packages (large or small) of multi-product/multi-spec, from varying origins to satisfy tender requirements for Electrical, Industrial or Oil and Gas products.

G4 Power is a supplier of Power Products for use in  Electrical Transmission and Distribution overhead and underground networks, and  industrial Structure Steel and Oil & Gas products. G4 has worked with many of the reputable Power Systems suppliers throughout the world, and has a client base in more than 30 countries including the USA and UK.  We provide our clients products, with best practice manufacturing which results in high quality to ensure customer satisfaction at competitive prices.



G4 Power Products, LLC
5520 Woodside Executive Court
Aiken, SC 29803  USA
Office Phone: +1 (803) 335-2158 

Mailing address: PO Box 474, Aiken, SC  29802  USA